Paranormal state of contemporary art


Parastate is a community of artists united under the purpose to produce and share transcedental contemporary art in order to express feelings, develop culture and expand borders of people’s consciousness.


The website is mostly dedicated to our work and news around interesting events across Baltic states and Europe. Respecting the nature and the way of peace we produce and mix music, do visual and web design, organize audiovisual events and release musical compilations. We realize the valuable potential of any idea and try not to limit our vision into static determinations being open-minded to anything that the force of creativity has got in agenda.


Opened for cooperation we are always happy to work together with new people from different areas of creation to please the environment. If you have interesting ideas and think we might be able to participate in its realization, or just want to say something, do not hesitate to contact us.


We are truly happy to welcome you on our web space and hope you will find here something for your spiritual satisfaction.