KUPOLĖS (08.06.22-24)

Kupolės (also known as Rasos, Joninės) – an ancient magical pagan summer solstice celebration. It is the day when plants gain their maximum powers, when the night is the shortest and when people dance and sing in the name of Mother Nature. Let’s join this mystical celebration , find the magic fern blossom and gain more energy for moving further.

Preliminary Line Up:

Ocelot (zaikadelic rec.) LIVE -USA
Cujorius One (Zenon rec.) LIVE -DK
Cini ( Widervisions) LIVE -FIN NEW!
Atman (SwampTales) -LT
Anavox (Digital Nature) -LV
Beetlejuice (psyntology movement/weirdsounds.com) -DE
Bluestorm (Dreamworks) -NL
DJ Spell (psyntology movement/weirdsounds.com) -DE
Geyser -LT
Klitoriks (Mindsyrup) -LT
Malanka (Yegaveda) -LT NEW!
Marc Mindtune (psyntology movement/weirdsounds.com) -DE
MagicFungus (SwampTales) -LT
No Rain (Mindsyrup) -LT
Paranormal activity (psyntology movement/weirdsounds.com) -DE
Silmarillion (SwampTales) -LT
Psyairy Tale (Misko Dazniai) -LT
Shatki (Chillum Tribe) -EE
Shishya (Sun Station/Organigato) -FIN NEW!
Sunflower (Yegaveda) -LT
StrangeAttractor -NL
Trantic -LT
Ziog (SwampTales) -LT
Xynus -LT


Seetyca (darkwinter.com / mbira rec.) LIVE -DE
Ocelot (zaikadelic rec.) LIVE -USA
Different Twins LIVE -LT
Mikrokristal (SwampTales / minimal.lt) LIVE -LT
Saga & Drum Fiddlers LIVE -LT
StrangeAttractor LIVE -NL
Zenith (SwampTales) LIVE -LT
Ziog (SwampTales) LIVE -LT
Ernestas Sadau (min_for/minimal.lt) -LT
FutuRama (Media Vision) -LV
Kulverstuk (Yegaveda) -LT
MagicFungus (SwampTales) -LT
Maksim_Steh -LT
Miles Iwes (Parastate999) -IRE NEW!
Morphogenetische Felder (Wormhole production) -DE
No Rain (Mindsyrup) -LT NEW!
Peresvet (Vorbic / Kaos Ex Machina) -LV NEW!
Ravivar -LT
Silmarillion (SwampTales) -LT
Shishya (Sun Station/Organigato) -FIN

Relict (Parastate999) -LV
Gutshi (Evilspot/schranz.lt)

Activities: Lectures, workshops and more..
Entrance: 60Lt (18e) + 35Lt with car
Location: The regional park of Neris, about 40 km from Vilnius.

more info swamptales.info

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