Kultūras foruma BALTĀ NAKTS ietvaros | 30.08.2008

„Klusa Daba” 2008 is planned for the realization on the territory of the Opera Park, near the Latvian National Opera building. The video will also be projected to the Opera facade.


20:00 Rekalix [UK] Kuurort Records
21:30 Selffish [LV] Thinner records
23:00 Astrowind [LV] Electrosound records
00:00 Testone [LV] Testone/Parastate
01:00 Robert Rich [USA] Soundscape, Fathom/HOS
03:00 Robert Rich with Dan Colvin – Atlas Dei [USA]

00:00 Hypnosis group [LV] Hypnosis group
00:00 Liquid Visual [LV] Klusa Daba
00:00 Relict [LV] Parastate

more info www.klusadaba.lv