Uef – Corrupted Structures

Sometimes we lose our inner balance. In such moments we have to remember that everything is temporary

raison d’etre – the hidden hallows
mz412 – inkant 12 sle
deutch nepal – erosion
bad sector – june 16, 1963
atrium carceri – twisted foetus
mz412 – mourning star
deutch nepal – gouge free market
sleep research facility – 79s 83w
deutch nepal – popule (feat. no festival of light)
maenad – pigs my fly
maenad – the one who is created


3 Responses to “Uef – Corrupted Structures”

  1. shurochka.blie

    ummm. very tasty set. thx

  2. zeeninsh

    yup, everything is temporary, even balance.

  3. mind

    i thinks that experience of balance is subjective, this proves an idea that it is temporary or non-existing, however balance itself – objective and eternal. many people experience balance when others don’t, and therefore they can’t say that it is temporary just because they don’t experience it. balance is eternal – we had just lost the connection, because of different connection problems, arising from materialistic thinking.