23-27.JULY.009 Yaga / Lithuanian forest



Lakeside location @ Ezeraicio forest, Dzukija, Lithuania
Map: click here
Directions & travel advice on the site.
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Cauac (Rainbow Bridge)
Cini (Cymbidium rec., Finland)
DoHm (Mishko Dazhniai)
Gaiana (Siloka)
Glooex (Sun Station rec., Russia)
Hutti Heita (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Krussedul (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Loke (Yggdrasil rec., Norway)
Mullet Mohawk (Antiscarp rec., Finland)
Pavel Svimba (Hippie Killer Productions, Antiscarp rec., Finland)
Portal Protection (Arkona Creation rec., Estonia)
Pradox (Arkona Creation, Netherlands)
Puoskari (Freakdance rec., Finland)
Re-Horakhty (Mishko Dazhniai, Lithuania)
Saules garsai
Scooter Baba (Antiscarp rec., Finland)
Shockrocket (Weirdsoundz, Germany)
Snyper (Antiscarp rec., Finland)
Spatial Feature (Night Oracle Rec.,Feelees Rec., Russia)
Triphonic (Arkona Creation rec.)
Ziog (Swamptales, Lithiuania)


Atman (Swamp Tales)
Echoda (Sunstation, Finland)
Gido (Pagan rec., Siloka)
Hallucin (Techstylism)
Hawaiik (Chillum Tribe, Estonia)
Malanka (Yegaveda, Netherlands)
Nilandri (Swamp Tales)
No Rain (Mind Syrup)
Psyairy Tales (Mishko Dazhniai)
Shatki (Chillum Tribe, Estonia)
Shoom (Yegaveda)
Sunflower (Yegaveda)
Swabedoodah (Weirdsoundz, Germany)
Trantic (Rainbow Bridge)
Unitone (Sun Station, Russia)
Yeti (Trimurti, Russia)
Yggdrasil DJ-set (Norway)
Ziog (Swamp Tales)
Zooch (Arkona Creation rec., Yegaveda)



Alexander Daf (System Recordings, Sunstaion, Russia)
Ingarin (Parastate, Latvia)
Heartphones (Dreamcatcher)
Kujuga DRUMS (Tranceformers)
Paratantra (Dreamcatcher)
Psi Psokoino (Arkona Creation, Estonia)
Oneirogenic (Swamp Tales)
Saules garsai
Suur (Latvia)
Viksva (Rivers of Recordings, Sutemos.net
Ziog (Swamp Tales)


Feather (Yegaveda, USA)
Man@Space (Liquids, Latvia)
Melanty (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Mohit (Offworld, India)
Play (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Red Serpent (Arkona Creation rec./ Yegaveda)
Relict (Parastate, Latvia)
Satori (Sunstation rec, Russia)
Shishya (Sunstation rec., Finland)
Sigitas Saga (Strokes Temple)
Solar Sonar (Organic family, Belarus)
Strange Attractor (Metatron rec., Netherlands)
Wickiss (Klusa Daba, Latvia)
Zenith (Swamp Tales)


Shamanic sweat lodge
Fire initiation ceremony (fire walking)
Hatha Yoga classes
Reiki healing
Ma-Uri massage
Didjeridoo workshop
Circle drumming workshop
Kong-Fu-Cha tea ceremony
Forest cinema


Flowers OF Life (Wider visions, Finalnd)
Hailisen Lasse lights (Wider Visions, Finland)
FreeTranceForm (Russia)
Synchronometrica (Finland)
Ilium (Latvia)
Pasaka is rusio
Candydelic (Arkona Creation)
Epas (Tranceformers)
Swamp Tales
Tranceformers FX
Eziukas miske & Nerija (Yegaveda)
Shoom & Sunflower (Yegaveda)


Lab77 (Latvia)
Gyva tapyba
Fire dancing


Telepateam (Poland)
Relict (Parastate, Latvia)
Wickiss (Klusa Daba, Latvia)


Chaishops, fresh food, “Little Space” coffee shop, clothes & handcraft stalls, camping


Presale will start beginning of June. Early bird 65LT (19eu) for all days.

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e-mail: jegaveda at yahoo dot com

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