Relict – Morpheus

Almost 5 hours traveling through deep enviroments and magical surfaces. Enjoy the journey in light ambient vibes in almost beatless atmosphere.

download part one

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Morpheus part I

Jaïa – L’ivresse des profondeurs
Solar Fields – Time Slide
Mystical Sun – River Goddess
Human Mesh Dance – Nerve Crystal
Solar Fields – Home
Lauge – Lunar Nature Resort
Human Mesh Dance – Smooth Sea, Clear Sky
Lmtq – Chinese Wah Atmo Original Mix
Gel-Sol – Iz
Human Mesh Dance – Argon
Alpha Wave Movement – Travel Into The Nexus
Solar Fields – Magnetic Air
Alien Mutation – Dream Scape
A-Kara and Mant – Stars Over Steppe
Sven Vath – Harlequin’s Meditation
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Contaminated area
Solar Fields – Swimming with Stones
Gus Till – Wet Moon
Human Mesh Dance – Wet Moon
Evan Bartholomew – Birth: Becoming
Cell – Misty Morning
Solar Fields – Insum
Gas – Microscopic
Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen – The Facts of Life
Ishq – Shambala
Gus Till – Sayan
Ishq – Smiling Buddha

Morpheus part II

Hammock – Empty Page, Blue Sky
Solar Quest – Singtree
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Gryning
Healer – Polarity
Aes Dana – Forest Fishes
Solar Fields – Times are good
Asura – Galaxies Part II
Shulman – Inner Selves (Ishq Remix)
Gel-Sol – Secret Island
Alpha Wave Movement – Reflective Synapse
Solar Fields – A Place to Think
Enfusion – Zweiundvierzigfieber Original Mix
Zenith & Mikrokristal – Phase 2. 470
Gus Till – Batublan
Mystical Sun – Dragonfly
Digital Mystery Tour – Saute Mouton (syndrom mix)
Universal Sound – Stone Henge
Gus Till – Bower
Shulman – Eternal Bliss of the Grateful Souls
The Sushi Club – Asa Original Mix
Autechre – Nine
Spectrum Vision – Anna
Maps And Diagrams
Solar Fields – Air Song (8 AM version)
A-Kara and Mant – Why I Dream
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Epicentre (First Movement)


3 Responses to “Relict – Morpheus”

  1. Mārtiņš Apīns

    ļoti ļoti ļoti x 100

    jauks un čilīgs apkopojums

    Paldies Relikt!

  2. Serge

    Jaa, liels paldies :)

  3. peresvet

    The track named as “Asura – Mixlife2album1.0-15.l” is actual “Galaxies Part II” from the latest “Life (in square)” album.