2-6.JUL “Tundra” @ Lithuania

The seventh Tundra will be differently structured from previous festivals. Four stages will no longer be limited by music styles performed in them, and the names of the stages will describe the mission of each musical space in a journey to…

Well respected and totally aware of what they‘re doing techno and drum‘n‘bass masters will perform in Wizards space, meanwhile Charmers space will combine famous local performers and guests from nearby lands with yet less recognized, but interesting names, trying to charm the audience. Psychedelic sounds will immerse in to a time-free trance in Shamans space and Rituals space will bring together all those wishing to relax and share their experiences.


“Tundra” is coming around on July 2-6, 2010, on the Avilis lake peninsula (Zarasai region), which beauty does not vail to the previous location.

Parastate souls which are goin to perform on electronic music festival Tundra:
Relict & Gaffa visuals on Shamans Space
x3no LIVE set on Rituals Space
Skondra, T.N.K.D & Relict DJ set on Rituals Space

more info http://www.tundrafestival.lt/en/