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04/10/008 Vibracija:Siltums @ Dirty Deal Cafe

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Neparastā vasaras pavadīšana

Vasaras pavadīšanas chill out pikniks pie dabas.
28.aug.-2.sept. “Bauderos”, Birzgales novadā.

Līdzi ņemt teltis un pēc paša ieskatiem vajadzīgo.
Par relaksējošo vizuālo un mūzikālo atmosfēru rūpēsies Parastate vīri,sievas un draugi.
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Kultūras foruma BALTĀ NAKTS ietvaros | 30.08.2008

„Klusa Daba” 2008 is planned for the realization on the territory of the Opera Park, near the Latvian National Opera building. The video will also be projected to the Opera facade.
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Tundra ’08 | Electronic music festival July 4 — 7 , 2008

Festival is opening on July 04th, closing July 07th.

Tundra ’08 | Electronic music festival

Festival location: Pociūnai, Prienų raj. (~40km south from Kaunas city, ~ 100km west from Vilnius city). Maps how to get to the festival place will appear soon on our fstival website
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KUPOLĖS (08.06.22-24)

Kupolės (also known as Rasos, Joninės) – an ancient magical pagan summer solstice celebration. It is the day when plants gain their maximum powers, when the night is the shortest and when people dance and sing in the name of Mother Nature. Let’s join this mystical celebration , find the magic fern blossom and gain more energy for moving further. View more »