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9.MAY.009 STRICT-N-CUT: 5 feat. BOP (RU) @ Dirty Deal Cafe/Riga

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1.MAY.009 Ķentes Kalna Kloops @ Ogre, Plastmasas fabrika

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Parastate will support chill out stage with audio and visual performances.
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15.JAN.009 SILENT WARMTH, Anglicanic church, Riga

Silent Warmth is ambient music evening in the Church.
Project was realized in church not because of religion, but because of atmosphere. Church is a place, where person can go inside of self, think about it. Church is place of meditation, where person thinking about himself and other people come into implicit contact with God. It is a temple of silent and thoughts. A thought together with qualitative gentle music and unostentatious visualizations gives a chance to relax and find inside harmony. Ambient music is music of soul, it has no aggression or other negative emotion, besides atmosphere of church and acoustics of hall ideally fits for qualitative sound and music concept as such. View more »

23.JAN.009 PERKUNEYA , Vilnius

CD PERKUNEYA presentation:
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12dec008 “Electrodrama: Sky Watcher” @ DDC

„Dirty Deal Cafe” – Spīķeri, Maskavas iela 12, k.2
Skaņu, ritmu, abstraktu un reālu vizuālo tēlu, garīgo pārdzīvojumu virpulis plosīsies Rīgā 2008. gada 12. decembrī, lai saviļņotu jūsu prātus, iedarbinātu ķermeņu locītavas un izšautu jūs iztēles kosmosā, iejaucot fantāzijas zvaigžņotās debess konstrukcijās un uz mirkli pārvēršot jūs par elektrotelpas izplatījuma astronautiem. View more »

13dec008 BioCycle @ McGrudders Dublin/IE

Take The cycle lane into another Dimension in an Audiovisual event with over 20 acts from many genres. Underground vibes in a biological movement within an Urban Setting. Genres:: Drum and Bass, Psychedellic Trance, Techno, Industrial, Dubstep, Rock and Experimental.. Step on board the train of thought, next stop, Urban Jungle.
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06dec008 STRICT-N-CUT: THE DEBUT! @ “Depo”

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DUB:SOLIS step#6 – Stormfield @ 21nov008

Stormfield / Ammunition, Combat Recordings / UK
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25.10.2008 : Dynamic Factor @ Dirty Deal

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Grybu Giesmes 2008/10/03 Kaunas

Hutti Heita { Yggdrasil Records } – Norvegija
Krussedull { Yggdrasil Records } – Norvegija
Loke { Yggdrasil Records } – Norvegija
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17.okt.008 Lifts#1@ 16.Korpuss

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